If you could talk to Future You” right now, what would they say? Would they tell you to think about them more? Would they like you to treat them better? Would they implore you to save more right now and to “stick to the plan” to prevent a catastrophe at retirement age? But the most important question is…..

Would they be happy with the life you gave them?

I’m Michael Ferrante, President and Owner of Concierge Wealth Planning Solutions, and these are the pitfalls I work to avoid with my clients. I’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of folks just like you to approach their retirement with a proven strategy–one that’s tailored uniquely to their situation.

Far too many people live for today and don’t think about their future because retirement always seems to be far away……… until it isn’t.

I know it’s not “pleasant” to think about the aging process and the things we can’t control. In fact, many of us work very hard to AVOID thinking about them completely.  That’s a recipe for disaster, though, isn’t it?

The choices we make today will determine the life we have in retirement.

Are you ready to create your “Future You” retirement plan? Well, it’s GREAT news if you’re ready to begin having those conversations –AND you’re determined to find the right professional to help you with this complex planning–one you can truly trust.

What life do you want? Do you want one of peace and joy to live out your golden years on your terms, or do you want one of fearfulness and worry, devoid of any real enjoyment?

Maybe you’ve already started saving for retirement, but how do you know it will be enough? Are you saving what is left over after paying all your bills, or are you paying yourself first?

If you don’t know exactly where you are right now, how can you know where you’ll end up? 

How will you have the retirement you’ve always envisioned AND ensure you have a “cushion” for any “unforeseen circumstances?”  Things such as illness, accident, or other kinds of urgent needs without proper planning?

You wouldn’t travel across the country without a map or GPS guiding you at every turn, so why do so many people go through life without a financial plan for their retirement? They show up when retirement happens and expect it to be just how they imagined. I’m afraid that’s just not going to work. 

But at Concierge Wealth Planning Solutions, we use the latest tools and technology to help you understand where you stand today and what you need to do to pursue your retirement goals.

We’ll help you figure out how much you need to save, how to invest your money, and how to minimize your taxes.

And it’s not just about the numbers. We want to help you create a retirement that’s meaningful and fulfilling. We’ll work with you to plan for your travel, make special memories with friends and family, and have the time and money to pursue your hobbies, whether old or new (Maybe you’ve always wanted to take golf lessons with a pro or travel the Amalfi Coast with your spouse…and I’ll bet there are many other activities that could make your retirement years truly enjoyable.”)

As an experienced financial planner, I’ve devoted my entire career to helping folks like you create a personalized retirement plan that considers your unique goals and circumstances.  My clients sleep well at night, knowing they’re taking care of “Future Them.”  And that means sweet dreams for me, too.

If you would like to find out if your retirement plan is on track, or would like to start one, click here to schedule a one-on-one, 30-minute introductory meeting.

The opinions voiced are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.

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